Short oral

Short oral presentations (15+5min)

Ruslan E. Asfin (St, Petersburg, Russia)
“Structure of the absorption bands of complexes in the gas phase with different hydrogen bond strengths. Fourier spectra and ab initio anharmonic calculations.”

Pierre Asselin (Paris, France)
“Jet-cooled high resolution infrared spectroscopy of hydrated hetero clusters.”

Vytautas Balevicius (Vilnius, Lithuania)
“Solid state NMR study of materials for innovative medicine: sub-nano structure and dynamics of spin clusters containing hydroxyl groups.”

Elena Bogdan (Nantes, France)
“Experimental and theoretical evidences of intramolecular OH···F hydrogen bonding in saturated acyclic fluoroalcohols.“

Aude Bouchet (Berlin, Germany)
“Binding motifs of a microhydrated neurotransmitter: IR spectroscopy of rare gas-tagged protonated phenylethylamine and its water clusters.“

Ewa Brylska (Wrocław, Poland)
“Molecular interaction of human serum albumin with meloxicam – molecular modeling studies.“

Stéphane Coussan (Marseille, France)
“From water aggregates trapped in cryogenic matrices to amorphous solid water.“

Jose A. Fernandez (Leioa, Spain)
“Exploring the conformational preferences of aniline aggregates in jets.“

Oleg Filippov (Moscow, Russia)
“Role of hydrogen bonds in hydrogen transfer reactions of metal hydrides.“

Michał Gil (Warsaw, Poland)
“Structural distortion and fluorescence enhancement in diazatriphenylenes and their hydrogen-bonded complexes in supersonic jets.“

Barbara Golec (Warsaw, Poland)
“Hydrogen bond-induced changes in photophysics and photostability of indole-naphthyridines.“

Igor E. Golub (Moscow, Russia)
“A study of multifurcate dihydrogen bonded complexes with participation of boron hydrides.“

Ragupathy Gopi (Kalpakkam, India)
“Study of blue shifting hydrogen bond in fluoroform with Lewis bases (HCl, H2O, and C6H6): A matrix isolation infrared and ab initio studies.“

Anne Schou Hansen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
“Comparing second and third row elements, N, O, P and S, as hydrogen bond acceptor atoms.“

Matthias Heger (Göttingen, Germany)
“Anharmonicity and the hydrogen bond.“

Kasper Mackeprang (Copenhagen, Denmark)
“The effect of large amplitude motions on the vibrational spectra of hydrogen bonded complexes.“

Tomasz Masłowski (Zielona Góra, Poland)
“What proton conductivity can tell us about H-bond potentials?“

Vlasta Mohaček Grošev (Zagreb, Croatia)
“Evidence of polaron excitations in Raman spectra of oxalic acid dihydrate at low temperatures.“

Michel Mons (Gif-sur-Yvette, France)
“NH – OC amide-amide H-bonds in peptides revisited in light of gas phase spectroscopy of beta-peptides.“

Erik T. J. Nibbering (Berlin, Germany)
“Correlating photoacidity to hydrogen-bond Structure by use of the local O-H stretching probe in hydrogen-bonded complexes of aromatic alcohols.“

Sylwia Olsztyńska-Janus (Wrocław, Poland)
“Weakening of hydrogen bonds of biological structures by near infrared radiation.“

Igor Reva (Coimbra, Portugal)
“Near-infrared-induced conformational cis-trans switching in carboxylic acids isolated in cryogenic inert matrices.“

Agnieszka Rybarczyk-Pirek (Łódź, Poland)
“N-oxide group as a proton acceptor in p-nitropyridine-N-oxide cocrystals.“

Mark Sigalov (Negev, Israel)
“Structure, intermolecular and photoinduced intramolecular hydrogen bonding in 2-pyrrolylmethylidene cycloalkanones.“

Judy I-Chia Wu (Houston, USA)
“On the nature of low barrier H-bonds in enzyme catalysis.“