Invited Speakers

Speakers who have agreed to contribute to the conference with invited talks include:

Jean-Marie Lehn (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1987, the opening lecture).
”From supramolecular chemistry towards adaptive chemistry: Aspects of
hydrogen bonding.”

Ibon Alkorta (Madrid, Spain)
“Hydrogen bonded anion-anion aggregates.”

Grażyna Bator (Wrocław, Poland)
“The unconventional C-H…X hydrogen bonds. An application of the neutron scattering.”

Frank Böckler (Tübingen, Germany)
“Improving the applicability of halogen bonding in drug discovery.”

Walther Caminati (Bologna, Italy)
”Tunneling dynamics, proton transfer, conformational equilibria and Ubbelohde effect in adducts of carboxylic acids.”

Sammy El-Shall (Richmond, Virginia, USA)
“Unconventional hydrogen bonding between organic ions and polar molecules.”

Markus Gerhards (Kaiserslautern, Germany)
“Combined IR/UV spectroscopy on hydrogen-bonded systems: from peptides to photophysical reactions.”

Célia Fonseca Guerra (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
“Covalence, not Resonance-Assistance, behind cooperative hydrogen and halogen bonds.”

Jože Grdadolnik (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
“Hydrogen bonding in, and structure of blocked dipeptides.”

Poul Erik Hansen (Roskilde, Denmark)
“Isotope effects in hydrogen bond research.”

Pavel Hobza (Prague, Czech Republic)
“Hydrogen and sigma-hole bonding: theoretical approach.”

Andrzej Katrusiak (Poznań, Poland)
“Pressure-induced anomalous transformations of hydrogen-bonds and their consequences for material sciences.”

Aleksander Koll (Wrocław, Poland)
“Polarity of hydrogen bond.”

Samuel Leutwyler (Bern, Switzerland)
“Hydrogen bonding to nucleobases: How a few water molecules change the nucleobase photophysics.”

Hans-Heinrich Limbach (Berlin, Germany)
“Acid-base hydrogen bonds in different environments: From organic solvents to enzymes.”

Angelos Michaelides (London, Great Britain)
“Quantum nature of the hydrogen bond: Insight from ab initio path integral molecular dynamics.”

Lars Pettersson (Stockholm, Sweden)
”Water – a tale of two liquids.”

Ehud Pines (Beer-Sheva, Israel)
”Understanding factors affecting red-shifts for the proton stretch vibration frequency of O-H…B hydrogen-bonding complexes.”

Christoph A. Schalley (Berlin, Germany)
”Multistimuli-responsive supramolecular gels.”

Ilya Shenderovich (Regensburg, Germany)
“Hydrogen bond reveals the morphology of non-crystalline solids.”

Andrzej Sokalski (Wrocław, Poland)
”Towards non-empirical atom-atom potentials for non-bonded interactions.”

Sanjay Wategaonkar (Mumbai, India)
”NH….S interaction perspective”

Barbara Wyslouzil (Columbus, Ohio, USA)
”The role of hydrogen bonding in phase transition.”